Why blog?

So yesterday, I decided to start blogging…I was inspired by a few of my fb friends who were doing so. In the past I had often thought of bloggers as people who just needed another way to get attention. Honestly I had not really read many blogs. Of those I was most familiar with were the ones that became big hits and were made into books or movies, like “The $**t My Dad Says and Julia and Julia. In my mind these were writers…and I was not a writer. But in the recent past I have begun to notice some of my friends posting their blogs on their fb pages. The first was a food blog, then a family blog, then a yoga blog…it was wonderful to get a glimpse into the hearts and minds of these few people, some who I hadn’t know very long and others who were long lost classmates I hadn’t seen in years.  Was what was going on in my heart and mind and less important? But I’m not a writer…and never have been…I struggled to force out the words on paper for every single assignment in both high school and college and was at my best only a B writer and at my worst so disorganized in my thoughts it was often difficult to follow what my ADD brain was trying to say. But I was a talker, and maybe, just maybe I could put that on paper, so I made the decision to blog and I would do it. I wrote my first piece about my family ski trip and posted on fb that I would post my first blog as soon as I figure out the blog page site, I had some technical difficulties with Google. Anyway, an old classmate then posted that I was about 8 years late. Honestly, I was quite offended. And responded “that was like saying your slow to take up dancing, drawing, or anything else in life for that matter..writing takes time, thought, creativity and courage..Do you happen to have all four of those at this very moment..I didn’t in the past, but I’m ready to try now…so, no I don’t believe I’m 8 years slow..I’m working on my own time..As I’m sure you are,” My response was admittedly slightly obnoxious, but who was he to tell me I was slow to share myself w/ the world? This got me thinking.. maybe he was right..Maybe I was slow in sharing myself w/ the world? We go through life having encounters with new people all the time. If we like how they respond, we share more, if not we end it there. This is essentially how we choose who will be our friends, acquaintances and strangers. Was I being a coward by just sharing myself with the few people I believed would accept me? Playing it safe?  This hit me like a ton of bricks…Great people, as we seem to define it in todays’ society, are those that live fearlessly…MLK, Gandi, Oprah, …in limiting who I was sharing myself with was I living in fear? Fear that I wouldn’t be loved or accepted for the person I am.

So I go back to my original question…why blog? A blog is simply chronicles of thoughts, ideas or experiences. But in reading them it becomes evident that they become so much more. My friend who posts her food diary puts up every yummy dish she eats. Don’t get me wrong, I love food, and I ‘m a bit of a foodie myself, but u won’t see food on my page every day. Her page not only consists of things she eats, but dishes she makes and is proud to share.  Food is her passion, it is who she is. And that is what a blog really is, a reflection of who you really are, your passions, truth and true self. My friend who writes a yoga blog doesn’t write only about yoga but brings hope and inspiration in all areas of life. My friend that blogs about her family provides comic relief in the form of antidotes of her children sharing the things that happen in the life of a stay at home mom.  They are sharing who they are for all to see, they are fearless.

So I will write in the belief that my words will mean something to somebody. My blog may not be as interesting, funny, enticing, well written, and may even been seen as ordinary. But as author Dan Millman said,” There are no ordinary moments.” It is in finding the extraordinary within the ordinary everyday moments of our lives that we find our true selves and the greatness within us. My blog will be my truth, my passions, and my true self. I put it out there to share with all who care to read it, as I move forward fearlessly knowing that I too am Great with the hope that it encourages others find the greatness within themselves and be brave enough to share it with the world.


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