On Resolutions- Jan 2012

This year I decided not to write any New Years resolutions…u may ask why? Resolutions are a good thing, right?  They give us hope, put us on track, help us focus on what we want to accomplish for the year to come. But over the years I’ve noticed that although my life changes from year to year, sometimes drastically…my resolutions never seem to change very much. As I’ve matured the wording has altered a bit, but since my teen years my list looks pretty similar …. Eat better, exercise more, take time to take care of me, read more, and be a better mother/daughter/friend/wife etc. In more recent years I’ve recognized the importance of attending not only to my mind and body, but also to my soul. This is the only new edition in the past 20 years of any significance. But these resolutions that I felt so impelled to write down every year weren’t really serving me much purpose. This year I simply just didn’t feel like writing a list  Upon more thought the reason why became evident.  I had read one of my friends resolutions on fb…it gave me a sense of hope followed by a sense failure and despair. Her resolutions were very specific and pretty high on the board, as she is quite a spectacular person.  My sense of failure and despair was a whirlwind of thoughts that I couldn’t possibly achieve such things, even if I could put down things specific to me, what if I didn’t do them? What if I changed my mind? Last year I wanted to attend to my mind, body and soul…well, I became ill with valley fever, hurt my back, got way too thin and went through a divorce. By anyone’s standards I certainly failed in keeping to my resolutions. I did however; spend a lot of time attending to my soul. It was that time that brought me to the moment that kept me from writing my resolutions. My Resolutions were both expectations and limitations. In that time attending to my soul I learned to live in the moment. I want the flexibility to decide what I want to do at any given moment and to change my mind as I see fit. I will not be limited by what I believe I am capable of doing, for I believe we are all capable of so much more than we can ever possibly imagine. I will not set myself up with expectations of accomplishing things that may seem important in one moment yet insignificant in the next as circumstances and situations change.

One may say that living in the moment is in of itself a resolution. Define it as u may, there are no expectations or limitations in that the present is anything we make it. I’m sure many of you have written your lists, and I do hope that they serve you well. As for me, this year I am living and loving in the moment, open to the possibilities and experiences that life has to offer.


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